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Take up your cross and follow Jesus

Senior Pastor Dr Diana Brevan

My name is Dr. Diana Brevan, and I have the honour of being a world wide minister of the Gospel


I have been married to the best man in the whole World, Mr. Jesus Brevan since 1995. I have two beautiful grown up children that the Lord has given me as a gift.


I have loved the Lord our God since I was very young. I became a crucified in Christ at 7 years of age, my mom sent me to the Fatima Church, and I always heard a band of music coming from a building across the main street from where I was raised in NJ.


As a young child I learned to play the timbales with music sheets, I then learned how to play the alto horn. I still love the Trumpet, and Cornet (baby trumpet). I have always loved Christian music. As a child I was invited by a Christian band Leader in the church to learn by tough love to play these instruments for Christ Jesus. I also loved to sing Praise & Worship, Hymnals as well as other Christian music. 


As years past on there was much testing in my life and today I have a right to say “Get thee behind me satan, No weapon formed against me will Prosper for I belong to Christ Jesus, Get thee behind me satan.”  Also no matter what illness comes my way, I am healed through the Cross, for it is through the Lords stripes I was healed, you are also healed. You will be healed in Jesus mighty name. In 1985-86 I suffered a great loss when 10-15 family members left me to be with the Lord  among who included my mom, dad, brothers and uncle


I have faced many surgeries (more than 58 of them) in my life, and have died while on the surgery table, but I know that Jesus Christ was always there in my life bringing me through so that I might finish His work. Over the years I have been healed of a brain tumour, heart condition and other illnesses. Even today the man’s word of bone cancer is trying to hang around with cries of pain, but I do not allow that to win within me for I speak the Lords Word of Healing over each and every episode that I face daily, also he (satan) has tried to attack our marriage. We rarely have an ugly disagreement, but when that occurs a lot of trials come forth. We always start over again once the storm has past and move on to the level that the Lord has for us in Jesus mighty name.


I commenced my ministry in 1998 with Jesus is Lord Prayer Ministry which over the years has evolved into Jesus is Lord Fellowship WWI an internet based Church which is Full Bible Filled Believing Christian Faith Fellowship where I am Senior Pastor. After several years of study I obtained my Doctorate and today hold a World Wide license to travel around the World, to establish and to build an Outreach Ministry Fellowship, also I am able to establish Counselling Centre and Training Academy. I am also permitted to perform marriages, conduct funerals and baptisms, subject to local legislation, any where in the world.


Although at present I may be housebound I believe that I will be healed and able to visit the many places that this Fellowship is planted.


Currently Jesus is Lord Fellowship has offices in Florida USA and In Missouri  I operate the Florida office and Deacon Matthew  operates the Missouri office.


Dr. Diana Brevan Where Jesus Is Lord!

13th May 2009



Deacon Matthew Helmich

The following is my Christian testimony as of October 4, 2017:


I am currently beginning my eleventh year overall in the Jesus is Lord Fellowship World Wide international ministry for Dr Diana Brevan and began helping in the ministry on November 17, 2005.



When I was thirteen years old, I was invited to Sweet Springs Baptist Church the first time by my next door neighbors, which were the Magruders. I attended Sunday School and the Sunday Morning Service with them a few times until they moved to Highway D in 1990.




About three years later, on Saint Patrick’s Day I came back to Sweet Springs Baptist Church with the Kirby family to a prayer meeting service and a young boy named Nathan Stevenson asked me if I was saved or not. I did not know what saved meant, so I was lost without Christ.




Therefore, I attended church for Sunday School, Sunday Morning and Evening serviced and Wednesday Evening Bible Studies and on Friday, April 2nd, 1993, in a revival service with evangelist Brother Bobby Bates preaching I felt God tugging with my heart wanting me to accept His Son, Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Therefore, I asked for prayer before the invitation and came to Brother Kenneth Sears, my former pastor, and asked him how to become born again. I listened very carefully and I believed every word and then I prayed and confessed that I was lost and sinner and asked Jesus to forgive of my sins and I believed He died on the cross and rose again the third day out of the grave and confessed my sins, then asked Jesus to save me in Jesus' name Amen.  That evening I got saved.




On August 1, 1993 I joined Sweet Springs Baptist Church and was baptized in immersion in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost after the Sunday Evening service.


In 1994, I become an attendance taker, choir member, and an usher under my pastor Kenneth Sears.


In October 1997, under my current pastor Tim Gibson, I continued the things I did under Brother Kenneth Sears and become a helper in Vacation Bible School in June or July. and Youth and Teen Camp counselor from 1998-2008 and returned in 2012 and 2014 for the teens.


On September 17, 2001, I became Sunday School Secretary until November 28, 2005.


In March 2003, I became a helper for the bus ministry for Sunday School, VBS, and Awana.


I served the Church as Sunday School Superintendent from 2008-10, VBS director in 2008, taught in Children's church in 2010-11, and full time AWANA scorekeeper/backup game leader since October 2009. Since 2015, I have been a bible teacher at the Moberly Towers and serve on the Resident Council as President until December 2017 at my apartment complex where I have lived the last five years and play Pitch and Pinochle downstairs with friends.


Since November 17, 2015, I have served as Deacon for Pastora Diana in Jesus is Lord Fellowship Worldwide International and have a weekly sermon in the Moments with Deacon Matthew in which we are in Exodus and a daily devotional called  Searching the Scriptures with Deacon Matthew in which we are in Proverbs and have occasional sermons on Sundays and Wednesdays for the fellowship.